Instrument Design

Decreased Delay

The Decreased Delay is a karplus strong based delay with a bit crusher on its signal path capable of clean and short oscillating delay to long and noisy delays with interesting character and artifacts due to the sample rate reduction. It also has a limiter for extreme bit crushing settings.


Sanmic consist of 3 piezo discs that are connected to a box which outputs on 1/4 jacks. The Sanmic was made for field recording and sound exploration, the box was made to be able to put the microphones at distances of 3 meters to reach different places/objects that might be not close to your laptop , audio interface, power source etc. while playing with the position and stereo field of these mics to get better spatial cue.

Piezo box

This piezo box consist of metal plates, bars and springs suited for sound exploration and foley. Made with recycled parts.


liQuid is a M4L device based on Rob Hordijk`s Benjolin with a different twist. Consist of 2 oscillators and 4 Sample&Hold objects that are receiving input and clock from the oscillators in different ways, modulating the phase of the oscillators and the frequency – resonance of a low pass filter. Capable of pulsing clicks, drones and noise when there is strong cross modulation of the phase.

Pink Rift

The pink rift is a stochastic stereo filter that independently modulates the frequency of the filters on both channels creating spatial cue based on sample and hold objects that are triggered by an envelope follower.
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